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Central West youngsters free to engage in crime spree

Jun 11, 2024

A serial criminal in the Central West, with 80 charges to his name was released on bail last Thursday, and on Sunday was arrested in possession of a stolen car.

Incredibly the criminal is a 12-year old boy.

The intense crime wave in the outer Central West, particularly in Dubbo is frustrating police. Arrests are made however the courts keep bailing offenders, and they commit even more crimes.

In an exclusive report in The Daily Telegraph, published on Monday evening, Mark Morri has revealed the 12-year old crim has been literally taking local police for a ride, having been involved in numerous police pursuits.

The boy is also, allegedly, an accomplished burglar as well as a car thief.

Morri writes that police, already under pressure from an escalating crime rate involving juveniles, and hampered by staff shortages, are now battling the court system, as those being arrested are continually being bailed.

One police officer, according to the ‘Telegraph report wrote to a local union boss last week expressing frustration and disbelief at the court system.

“…………….. (name redacted) is aged 12 and has an appalling criminal history, having been charged as of today 80 times,” he wrote.

“He was granted Supreme Court bail (last) Tuesday with relatively strict bail conditions, including a requirement to report to the police station three times a week. This condition is generally unheard of for a person of his age. He managed to report on Wednesday, failed to report Friday,” he wrote.

Police then rang the boys mother and said if she could bring him to the station they would warn him and not breach him.

She told them: “He’ll just go on the run then and you won’t be able to find him” and then hung up.

In the early hours of Sunday morning the Daily Telegraph reported, the boy was arrested, allegedly in a car which had been stolen during an earlier break in.

The officer said he was shocked when he got to work on Sunday afternoon to find the boy had been granted bail by Parramatta Children’s Court.

“We just seem to go around in circles we arrest young kids, they let them out they then think ‘they won’t lock me up, I can do what I want.’ That’s the message the court is sending,” said another officer.

“And now we have the Supreme Court sending an even stronger message, that if you don’t get out at a local level go to the Supreme Court.”

The frustrated officer said the repeated granting of bail only “emboldens” the offender and believes he will continue to steal cars and engage in car chases which he fears will end one day in the boy killing himself or a member of the public.

“Local police are losing faith in the ability of the court to make bail decisions that are congruent and in line with public expectation, leaving local officers disheartened and disillusioned,” the officer said.

This comes as crime rates in the bush continue to exceed those in the city, according to analysis from the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR), Morri wrote.

Figures released in March show the rate of property crime is 60 percent higher in the regions compared to Sydney, while violent crime is 57 percent higher, and motor vehicle theft in the bush is double the rate of Sydney.

The Orana Mid-Western Police District which includes Dubbo has been battling a wave of crime initiated by young offenders. They have established a high visibility police operation to tackle property-related crime committed predominantly by young offenders.

The following is just one example of what police in the district are encountering:

Two weeks ago a 13-year-old girl was charged following an investigation into multiple break-ins and pursuits throughout Dubbo.

Police say they received reports a Toyota Kluger was stolen from a home on Lago Circuit between 11.50pm on Wednesday 22 May, and 10.55am on Thursday 23 May.

The car was later located on Alcheringa Street and seized by police for forensic examination.

About 12am on Saturday 25 May, a holding yard was broken into, and the Toyota Kluger was stolen.

Police allege the vehicle was involved in seven break-ins, two pursuits and rammed a fence, all over two days, between Saturday 25 May and Monday 27.

The seven break-ins occurred at business’ on Erskine, Macquarie, and Bourke Street, Commercial Avenue, Hopkins Parade, Yarrandale, and Minore Road, and Douglas Mawson Drive.

About 2.30am Monday 27 May 2024, the Kluger was located abandoned on Alcheringa Street, Dubbo.

Following inquiries, an hour later, about 3.50am Monday, police attended a home in Dubbo and arrested the 13-year-old girl.

She was taken to Dubbo Police Station and charged with a number of charges including breach of bail.

The teen was refused bail and appeared at a Children’s Court later that day, where she was given conditional bail to reappear at the same court on Monday 8 July 2024.

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