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Jasmine Harrison, 21, rows across Atlantic in 70 days, sets record

Feb 22, 2021

NORTH YORKSHIRE, England, UK – Twenty-one year-old Jasmine Harrison from the UK has become the youngest woman to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean, taking 70 days.

Harrison rowed 3,000 miles, from Spain to Antigua, setting a new world’s record as the youngest female to row solo across any ocean, according to trip organizer, The Atlantic Campaign.

On Twitter, Harrison said that during her crossing she had a “near collision with a drilling ship, two capsizes, lots of peanut butter and Nutella consumed.”

Harrison, from the landlocked town of Thirsk in North Yorkshire, England, is a swimming teacher.

“I’ve been quite independent my entire life anyway. I just thought: I want to do this, so I’m going to do it. I love the feeling that you get from doing something by yourself, it’s just so freeing to me,” she said, as quoted in The Guardian.

What did she eat for 70 days? She said she lived on a steady diet of biscuits and chocolates. “I think I ate 40kg of chocolate,” she confessed.

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