Apple Music now outranks Spotify

An internal report on Apple Music, which was reportedly leaked to Digital Music News, has revealed that the tech giant’s music streaming service now has more U.S. subscribers than Spotify.

According to the report, Apple’s streaming service now has over 20 million paying users in the U.S.

However, the report claims that Spotify, which recently went public, too has more than 20 million paying customers in the U.S., but that Apple was now in the lead.

While the report did not reveal exact numbers, it noted that the information had come from a source that was a “U.S.-based, major [music] distributor.”

Meanwhile, in its first earnings report released in May, Spotify had noted that it has 75 million subscribers outside the U.S. – which still puts it in the lead overall.

In April, Spotify filed to go public in the U.S. and might not want to lose out to its primary completion in that market.

Meanwhile, reports have also recently compared the statistics that came in after Drake dropped ‘Scorpion’.

A report in Music Business Worldwide noted that in the first day, Spotify notched 132.4 million streams globally while Apple Music counted 170 million.

The report however, also pointed out that one of the factors that would have played a role in this comparison was that the album appeared on Apple Music right at midnight.

It wasn’t available on Spotify until a couple hours later.

The comparison, the report said, also indicated that Apple Music remains more popular in the U.S. than Spotify.