Museum of Making Music encouraging budding musicians

The Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad, California, celebrates music making throughout the year.

During a recent international festival, the museum encouraged young and old to pick up an instrument and strike a tune, joining music lovers in more than 100 countries on Make Music day, June 21.

Visitors were greeted with the symphonic sounds of the Earth Harp, strung across the parking lot, as they arrived. Inside, some amateur music makers held group performances, while others wandered the exhibits, banging on a gong or strumming a mandolin.

“We want every child that comes through this museum to pluck a string, hit a key, hit a drum,” said museum director Carolyn Grant, “because it doesn’t take much to ignite that spark” and a lifelong passion.

Said Laura Jordon-Smith, mum to a 2-year-old budding musician: “She loves to learn the words, especially songs that have little hand motions and things. She loves what we do in her music classes.”

Whether playing or listening, music is an exciting means of self-expression, said museum director Grant.